Strawberry Laser Lipo

Request a free consultation today and receive your first treatment on any single area for only $99 when purchasing a package of 8!

Strawberry is the Gold Standard in fast, pain-free fat reduction:

– No pain or discomfort
– No anesthesia or drugs
– No bruising
– No recovery time
– No surgery, non-invasive
– Immediate return to activities
– As little as 10 minutes treatment time

Reduce the fat in your problem areas with this “anytime” 20 minutes or less visit and return to your day without interruption or restrictions!

Why Strawberry Laser?

Strawberry Laser is a non-evasive, non-surgical solution for removing unwanted inches from your body in a short period of time. In fact, you can potentially lose between two and three inches during your first 20-minute session with our trained, professional technicians. There is minimal pain and discomfort, and more importantly, little to no downtime. Treatment plans are also very affordable.

What can you expect?

During your Strawberry Laser treatment, laser paddles will be placed on the targeted areas. A cold, red beam of light will penetrate the skin just enough to reach the fat cells you are trying to eradicate. The laser light will cause pores to form on the fat cells, which will allow the contents of those cells to spill out and be naturally excreted from your body within 24 hours. The entire procedure generally takes between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the size of area being treated. For optimal results, 8 to 10 treatments are recommended.

What results can I expect?

Everyone shows a measurable loss with each treatment. Cumulative treatments are noticeable and impressive. Exercise and proper nutrition are recommended to increase results.

Treatment areas:
– Stomach
– Thighs
– Hips
– Back
– Arms
– Stretch Marks
– Make Chest